We're Challenging for Change !

Tackling climate change is daunting!  We must look to turn change into opportunity.  The best ideas not only push back on the causes of climate change, but find real jobs and new businesses to improve our quality of life.

The Liberal Democrats want to build back better as well as greener.

We want to see change at every level

  • National and international
  • In our local communities
  • In our own households and personal lives

You can help shape the changes we all need, North Dorset Liberal Democrats will welcome your ideas

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Jan 21 Newsletter

News and reflections on politics in North Dorset and beyond, from Gary Jackson, our Parliamentary Spokesman.

Santa's visiting Stur this Christmas - Free Food!

Christmas Cheer from Fiona Leacock, the NDLD Chair.  

The Community Fridge is operating and we are looking forward to Christmas now that the COVID vaccine is being rolled out in UK.

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Liberal Democrat Draw

The Liberal Democrat Draw is going ahead as normal, there are some fab prizes and the list is growing every day! The list below is summarises just some of what is on offer.

If you use this link to buy the tickets, NDLD will get a proportion of the profits or type in libdemdraw.org.uk/north-dorset.

The draw will take place on 10th December at 20.00.

November 2020


November 2020 Newsletter

Meet the Neighbours

On Saturday 7th November North Dorset Liberal Democrats are hosting a Meet the Neighbours Zoom to build on the network of Dorset Liberal Democrat local parties.

There is plenty that we can share and help that we can give each other to make the Liberal Democrats the strongest voice for honest government and ambitious policies in Dorset.

If you want to hear more - contact Fiona Leacock [email protected]

Community fridges - breaking news


Following the lead of Bournemouth, Christchuch and Poole Cllr Millie Earl, North Dorset Liberal Democrats has decided to take the initiative to set up Community Fridges in North Dorset.  The food in Community Fridges are available for anyone to collect free, preventing food waste and helping people to stretch their household budgets.  There are now four Community Fridges operating successfully in BCP and we will build on their experience.

Our first step is to find venues and to raise funds.  We have found our first venue, The Emporium in Sturminster Newton and we have set up a crowd funding page with JustGiving.

When the fridges are in operation, we will need volunteers to collect food from supermarkets and elsewhere and do the daily checks required by Environmental Health regulations.

If you would like to help, contact Ros Eveleigh or any of the NDLD officers.

Trees for North Dorset

What's not to like about trees?

North Dorset Liberal Democrats would like to see more trees being planted in North Dorset over this winter and we've found a source of oak whips and other species to make it easier for everyone to do their bit to green up our corner of the world.  If you would like to join in with the tree planting and find a place in your garden or elsewhere to plant even just one tree, please get in contact with us.  

Trees will cost £1 for an oak whip and up to £5 for larger specimens.  Ros Eveleigh, [email protected] can put you on the list, the trees will be available in November.

October 2020 Newsletter

From the northernmost tip of the constituency looking south east across Gillingham, up to Shaftesbury and the hills south of Sturminster Newton and to the north of Blandford – the Stour valley in all its glory!

But, with winter storms reminding us of climate change; a second wave of Covid 19 showing our fragility; uncertain economic prospects due to the pandemic and Brexit and all sorts of virus-induced chaos around our schools and universities...for all that doom and gloom there are reasons to be cheerful: Bake Off is back, there is footie to watch and we have just had a cracking first virtual Liberal Democrat conference under new leadership. I now have a permanent wickerwork pattern on my backside from sitting at the computer screen for hours on end, thoroughly absorbed by the three-day event.

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Plans for the 2020 AGM

We are putting arrangements in place for our AGM on 30th October.  Of course you will be able to join the AGM on line through Zoom, but we are also investigating whether people could attend face to face as well, given the right technology and the COVID guidance that applies at the time.

We are looking to strengthen the Executive Committee.  There are all kinds of roles where we need support, from back office tasks such as data management and minute taking to getting out to do some campaigning.

If you would like to find out more about what these tasks involve, do contact Fiona Leacock for a chat on [email protected] or 07831 182110.  The formal request for nominations will go out with the calling notice for the AGM.