July Newsletter

At this time of year, groups such as ours are usually busy planning Fetes and Teas, Plant Sales and Get Togethers. Summer events organised to raise awareness and to increase much needed fighting funds. But these occasions provide something far deeper than a chat and something for the garden. The physicalness of simply being in the same place, among those who think along similar lines, allows for a subliminal yet profound human connection. The Coronavirus catastrophe has robbed us all of that small but significant comfort. 


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NDLD stands with Black Lives Matter

'The movement is important not simply as opposition to racism, which is an evil we need to banish along with all forms of discrimination, but also as an opposition to challenge police brutality against all citizens. 

We have surely all seen videos of thugs in uniform acting with impunity, in total disregard of the Law, and meeting out violence and beatings to peaceful protesters. 

This behaviour is unacceptable’. Lib Dem Dorset Councillor Dave Tooke 

North Dorset Liberal Democrats believe in Equality. Respect. Justice.

North Dorset Liberal Democrats support Black Lives Matter. 


An Open Offer, Politics Aside

We have made an offer to all other parties, organisations and individuals to make common cause in our part of Dorset to meet the needs of our communities. We invite others to a dialogue about actions and priorities for the next phase, to find ways to sustain and support those who need continuing protection and to help shape a new normal.

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NDLD Launch Its Development Plan for 2020 - 2024

Despite the COVID-19 Lockdown NDLD have continued working on line to develop a constituency wide development plan.  The team is led by Mike Chapman and enthusiastically supported by a small group of activists.  

Davey: Britain Can Lead in Clean Energy

Dave and Ed

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Ed Davey said Britain could be a world leader in clean energy and renewables in a powerful speech to a full auditorium at The Exchange in Sturminster Newton.


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Dorset Council's Lib Dem Councillors From North Dorset

In May 2019, three Liberal Democrats from North Dorset were elected to serve as councillors on the then new Dorset Council.

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The Dorset Liberal Democrats Demand Better


The new 'Dorset Council' came into existence on 1st April 2019 and the Dorset Liberal Democrats are offering a new vision for it and Dorset.

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