New English Parliamentary Constituencies?


The Boundary Commission for England published its proposed new parliamentary constituency boundaries for England a year ago - in September 2018. It is now up to the UK Government to lay this report before the UK Parliament for their approval... 

The 'Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011' required boundary commissions to reduce the number of parliamentary seats from 650 to 600 and 'The Boundary Commission for England' (BCE) published its final report in compliance with this, on the 10th September 2018.

As far as North Dorset is concerned, the report recommends, in summary, to cut the existing North Dorset Parliamentary Constituency in half and replace it with two new ones:

  • New Mid Dorset Parliamentary Constituency
    • This would skirt the Bournemouth/Poole urban constituencies to the south, extending from Milborne St Andrews, Bere Regis and Wareham in the west to Pentridge in the east. In between Broadmayne, Blandford Forum and Wimborne would be included. However Verwood would be excluded.
  • New Warminster & Shaftesbury Parliamentary Constituency
    • This would consist of the remainder of the old North Dorset constituency and unusually, cross the county boundary between Dorset and Wiltshire to include Warminster and then Westbury. In the south the boundary would awkwardly skirt, but not include, Blandford Forum. 

In more detail, the wards in the new Warminster and Shaftesbury constituency (72,679) would be as follows:

Bulbarrow North Dorset 1,533

Gillingham Rural North Dorset 3,146

Gillingham Town North Dorset 4,255

Hill Forts North Dorset 4,891

Motcombe & Bourton North Dorset 3,131

Shaftesbury East North Dorset 2,867

Shaftesbury West North Dorset 2,881

Sturminster Newton North Dorset 2,987

The Beacon North Dorset 1,528

The Stours & Marnhull North Dorset 3,350


Ethandune Wiltshire 3,540

Mere Wiltshire 3,319

Nadder and East Knoyle Wiltshire 3,321

Tisbury Wiltshire 3,370

Warminster Broadway Wiltshire 3,465

Warminster Copheap and Wylye Wiltshire 3,404

Warminster East Wiltshire 4,016

Warminster West Wiltshire 3,917

Warminster Without Wiltshire 3,327

Westbury East Wiltshire 3,576

Westbury North Wiltshire 3,228

Westbury West Wiltshire 3,627

So far, the Government has not reacted to the BCE report and its recommendations but, in order to implement them, the report will need to be placed before Parliament for their approval... 

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