September 2020 Newsletter

September has always been a time of beginnings, the time of preparing for the new school year, either your own or that of your family.  With a new start comes not only excitement and curiosity, but worries about the unknown.  This year is a reboot for all of us as we have come out of lockdown.  We are all trying to work out what we are allowed do, what we really want to do and what we will have to do differently.  I took on the Zoom challenge during lockdown, and I can see myself continuing many activities on line, but I do miss meeting my friends life-size, rather than just their head and shoulders on a small screen.  When you are on line, you can be relaxed as you don’t have to worry about the precautions you should be taking, but it is hard work when someone disappears into the gloom, finally showing nothing more than the ghostly reflection of the screen in their glasses.

We in your local Liberal Democrat party have been working through the opportunities we have to keep liberalism alive in North Dorset 

We in your local Liberal Democrat party have been working through the opportunities we have to keep liberalism alive in North Dorset within the ever changing COVID constraints.  Conventional door knocking campaigning is out for the moment, so we have been focusing our energy on building up our profile on social media.  Have you visited our Facebook page, ? We aim to upload something newsworthy every day and we have building up a good following.  We also have a Facebook Group for members, North Dorset Liberal Democrats Virtual HQ.  The Virtual HQ allows discussion and information sharing between members, issues raised in this group are then can be used in future campaigns.  

Being part of a political party gives us the chance to meet up with other like-minded people, and of course this has been extensively cut back.  We experimented with a number of on line events and were lucky to have a Q&A with Ed Davey before the leadership hustings started.  We have also had an on line quiz, Pizza and Politics and even tried out a wine tasting !  Our monthly Executive meetings successfully moved on line and, given the size of the constituency will always allow the possibility of remote participation at future meetings.

So looking to the future, what is in the plan?  Firstly, I am delighted to have secured Tim Farron MP for an on line Q&A session!  He is MP for a similar rural constituency and will be able to highlight what 'works' in terms of campaigning and building our base.  We plan for this to be a continuing programme of Q&A sessions with key Liberal Democrat personalities.  We will also holding a social Quiz evening.  It is the AGM at the end of October and we are looking for volunteers to join the Committee.  We would like to have deputies in place for key roles such as Data Officer and Membership Development Officer.

  • 19.00 10th September Executive Meeting
  • 20.00 24th September On line Quiz, questions set by Christopher and Pippa
  • 19.00 8th October Executive Meeting
  • 19.00 15th October On line Q&A with Tim Farron MP

If you would like to find out more about these events or just get in contact, we would love to hear from you, the contact details of some of the team are below.

Fiona Leacock [email protected]
Ros Eveleigh [email protected]
Gary Jackson [email protected]
Mike Chapman [email protected]

Details of our events, and more, can be found on the web site


Ros Eveleigh

Ros joined the Liberal Democrats in 2017 and stood for Stalbridge and Marnhull Ward in the Dorset Council in 2019.  

She is a chartered electrical engineer, who stared her career in defence research and moved to the world of air traffic management systems before retirement. 

Ros moved to Dorset in 1987, initially to Weymouth and has now lived over 25 years in Marnhull.  She is very keen to ensure that today’s youth is well supported to make the most of their abilities in their career so has been involved in the Young Enterprise Scheme over a number of years.  Green issues are also very important to her, so she has helped to set up Marnhull Green TEAMS which is undertaking a number of Green projects in Marnhull and the surrounding area.

Ros joined the Executive in 2019 and is the Data Officer for the local party.

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