Timetable for Brexit deal referendum in December 2018

The Liberal Democrats have published an article on their potential timetable for a referendum on the Brexit deal, to be held in December 2018. See the 'Latest UK News' section on the Home Page of this web-site for full details. Here also is a useful précis of that article - from Hugo Miéville - LD Spokesman for the North Dorset Parliamentary Constituency:

The Liberal Democrats have set out a potential timetable for a referendum on the Brexit deal to be held in December 2018, as an 'early Christmas present' for the millions of people who support a vote on the deal.

The timetable would allow people to choose whether to accept the deal or stay in the EU. It came ahead of a recent vote on a Liberal Democrat amendment to the Withdrawal Bill that would secure a referendum on the deal.

The amendment called on the government to set a date on which the referendum would be held, and said the vote must give the public the choice to accept the final Brexit deal or remain in the EU. The Liberal Democrats would campaign to remain in any referendum on the deal, as they believe no deal the government could negotiate will be better than the one we currently enjoy as a member of the EU.

“This potential timeline to a public vote shows Brexit is not a done deal - it can be stopped, but only with the approval of the British public," said Vince Cable.

"Support is growing for a public vote on whatever botched Brexit deal the Conservatives manage to get from the EU.

"It’s time the Conservatives – and the Labour leadership – listened"