Cllr Hugo Miéville

Cllr. Hugo Mieville has lived in North Dorset for twenty-nine years. He teaches in a local school and lives in Blandford Forum with his family. 

Hugo is closely involved with the "North Dorset Liberal Democrats" and is a Vice-Chairman of this local party.

Hugo is a councillor for Blandford Forum Town Council and is chairman of their "Town & General Purposes" committee.

In the past he has stood for election as the Liberal Democrats' MP for North Dorset and also, on two occasions, as a North Dorset district councillor.



E-mail Address

If you wish to contact Hugo by e-mail, his e-mail address is: [email protected]

Mobile Phone Number

If you wish to contact Hugo by phone his mobile phone number is: 07815 151277

Postal Address

If you wish to contact Hugo by post, please write to him at the "The North Dorset Liberal Democrats" constituency office, which is located in Blandford, Dorset. The address is as follows:


Note that the Royal Mail require the address to be exactly in this format and this includes their requirement that the address is all on one line. 

Also note no stamp is required for a Freepost address.

Twitter Account

Also you may care to note that Hugo has a Twitter account. It is:



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