July Newsletter

At this time of year, groups such as ours are usually busy planning Fetes and Teas, Plant Sales and Get Togethers. Summer events organised to raise awareness and to increase much needed fighting funds. But these occasions provide something far deeper than a chat and something for the garden. The physicalness of simply being in the same place, among those who think along similar lines, allows for a subliminal yet profound human connection. The Coronavirus catastrophe has robbed us all of that small but significant comfort. 


We’re left floundering in a world where our certainties have been destroyed, yet we strive to find meaning in the incomprehensible.

Our politicians, whose job it is to protect and safeguard the members of their communities continue to shock through their ignorance, their breath taking incompetence and their cynical disregard for all of us who are not ‘one of them’. It is a disgrace. We are shamed by them.

Due to the nature and length of Lockdown, many of us are finding these beautiful Summer days by far the hardest to bear. Being unable to spend time with our families and loved ones is perhaps the bitterest of all pills to swallow.

 The most mundane chores away from our homes have become fraught with anxiety. It’s therefore very little wonder that mental health problems are rising exponentially, though sadly funding for their treatment remains embarrassingly low.

It is a heart breaking indictment of our society.

The world-wide condemnation and subsequent reaction to the horrific murder of George Floyd has shone a light onto the endemic institutionalised racism that is so prevalent in western society.  A turning point has been reached. We support Black Lives Matter. Racism, whatever its shape shall not be tolerated. We’ve asked local resident Shakeela Bagus, to share with us her views on living in rural Dorset as a person of colour. Join us on Zoom Thursday 2nd July at 8pm. Email Ros Eveleigh for the link.

Those of us lucky enough to have gardens have been enjoying this most glorious Spring and Summer. Gardening has become both a solace and a revelation.

On the theme of gardening, we require your input for the following. This idea if done properly would send a clear message about the NDLD’s commitment to the environment. The concept is to take as many soft and semi soft cuttings from the trees growing all around us, grow them into saplings and plant them throughout Dorset, subject to relevant permissions. Perhaps each young tree could be sponsored…  Frankly, that’s as far as we’ve managed to get, so all suggestions gratefully received. Let’s do it together.

We’re also dusting off our ever popular(?) NDLD Pub Quiz which, though now in digital format, promises to be even more fun than before. Keep a look out on the events page for details of this and other events.


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