Endemic Everywhere - but not what you think


From Gary Jackson - Parliamentary Spokesman

Have you noticed the increasing use of the word “endemic”?  We’ve gained new words over the last couple of years.  So many of them have been medical.  Our armchair GP chat now turns on whether we’ve moved from pandemic to endemic.  Just living with it.  We try to follow the government’s shopping trolley direction.  We listen to the science and try to sift out those who gleefully misrepresent it.  We dare to hope that the bug may fade into the background. As liberal democrats we urge people to exercise their personal judgement and rationality and be vaccinated.  We dare to hope.

Many other things seem also to be endemic.  Has anyone noticed that political satire that’s indistinguishable from real life is now endemic too?  I’m especially fond of the Rosie Holt online video: MP doesn’t know whether she attended Downing Street Party, where her mocked up exchanges with Sky News have fooled far too many that Rosie is a real Conservative MP.  Life it seems is far more bizarre than art.  Ministers blaming officials rather than taking responsibility themselves is now endemic.  Talking about levelling up is also endemic but doing something about it seems as in short supply as an N95 mask in a mid-2020 care home.  Endemic also is the concern at rising prices for food and heat.  


The things that we need to become endemic are thus far in short supply.  The three L’s: leadership, levelling up, and the cost of living.  On leadership I think we know what we’re talking about here.  Ducking, diving and dodging and leading a dysfunctional culture, must stop.  Levelling up!  Our bit of Dorset needs it too.  We’re blessed in our county, but we need better quality jobs, better broadband and a bigger share of the investment funds that can protect our environment here and power our local economy.  On living costs the the national insurance rise needs to be re-assessed.  We need a different way to deliver sustainable social care while shortening NHS waiting times.  From local to national we’ll continue to argue and work for these things.

The snowdrops are pushing through the grass all around us in our part of Dorset, and I’m thinking that Spring will be here before we know it.  Hope springs eternal … endemic even.

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