DRAFT Minutes of 2019 AGM




1. Welcome 

Present:  Tim Leacock, Fiona Leacock, Claire Reed, Ros Eveleigh, Pam Thornton, David Bailey, Linda Wilton, Margaret Derrett, Jackie Dolan, Bob Dolan, David Chadwick, Barrie Cooper, Gina Dobbins, Dorothy Webb, David Webb, Nick Chapman, Fiona Chapman, Chris Willott, Graeme Hole David Bradberry.


Apologies: Stephen James, Jenny Thompson, Barry von Clemens, William Sherrif, Betty Manley, Anne Tobin, Dave Tooke, Mike Gould, Chris Tomlinson, Hugo Mieville, Derek Beer.  Jane Haywood.

2.  Minutes of AGM –Friday 23rd November 2018.  Agreed unanimously and signed as a true record.  Proposed Dorothy Webb,  seconded Jackie Dolan.

3.  Chairman’s Report  Bob presented the following:  A very eventful year. I won’t try to go through all the twist and turns of the Brexit saga and the merry go round of Tory prime Ministers. It is all very confusing and History Books of the future will make interesting reading. The verdict is unlikely to be ‘Their Finest Hour’

Locally, we have been active. We fought almost all seats in the new Unitary Council elections in May. Congratulations go to Derek Beer, Tim Cook, Dave Tooke who were all elected, and a huge thank you to all the other candidates who carried the flame for us in other wards, riding a wave of support, which our party has been receiving nationally. Many new people are bringing multiple skills to our party. This was followed by European Elections, where we were pitted against Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party. The result for us was good and we saw a further surge in support for the party

Here in North Dorset we held an election for a parliamentary candidate on Sept 6th. David Chadwick was elected, and on the assumption that a General election was not far away, we established a Campaign Committee to oversee a major uplift in our activity. Basically reversing 9 years of decline in a few weeks  Our new candidate has brought many useful contacts from around the country and abroad  A draft Organisation Structure, showing who reports to who has been circulated, largely based on 5 Team leaders, in the main towns

Regarding the Exec we are saying farewell and thank you to Chris Tomlinson our treasurer of many years. Chris has been an exemplary Treasurer and kept us all on the straight and narrow for many years.  We must also thank Hugo and Yvonne Mieville, who have stood down as Membership Secretary and Social Secretary. They helped carry the torch though the dark days when the local party could have collapsed. So thank you guys.

Our secretary has a list of proposed members for the new Exec. All have agreed to stand.  In addition, we of course have the authority to co-opt members to fill gaps left after tonight

4.  Treasurer’s Report   In the absence of the treasurer, copies of the 2018 accounts were circulated.  They were adopted unanimously.  Proposed Linda Wilson, seconded Claire Reed.

5.  Membership Development Officer’s Report  As the new MDO has only been in post for a few weeks, she simply reported the current membership numbers:  305 members.  55 Supporters.

6.  Election of Officers and Committee Members: The following people were nominated and seconded to specific roles on the Executive committee.  The list was agreed unanimously:


President: Barrie Cooper - Proposed Bob Dolan, Seconded Ros Eveleigh

Chairman: Bob Dolan - Proposed Claire Reed, Seconded Barrie Cooper

Vice Chairman: John Butcher - Proposed Linda Wilton, Seconded Ros Eveleigh

Secretary: David Bradberry - Proposed Bob Dolan, Seconded Jackie Dolan

Treasurer: David Webb - Proposed Barrie Cooper, Seconded Pam Thornton

Membership Development Officer: Claire Reed - Proposed Bob Dolan, Seconded Jackie Dolan

Connect Officer: Dave Tooke - Proposed Ros Eveleigh, Seconded Gina Dobbins

Social & Fund Raising: Ros Eveleigh Claire Reed Barrie Cooper

Parliamentary Spokesperson: David Chadwick Bob Dolan Linda Wilton


Other Exec members: 

Chris Willott - Proposed Bob Dolan, Seconded Jackie Dolan

David Reed (Recruitment) - Proposed Claire Reed, Seconded Bob Dolan.  

Linda Wilton - Proposed David Bradberry, Seconded Bob Dolan


7. County/District Council Reports   No councillors present.

8. Prospective Parliamentary Candidate’s Report  David C reported on his activities as PCC to date, and his strategy going forward.  The campaign team is now ready to go out and win!  Good reception on the doorstep so far.  Brexit  “Leavers” are confused and divided between supporting the Tories and the Brexit Party.  He believes that a “People’s Vote” would be won 60/40 by Remain.  Clearly a General Election will also happen relatively soon.  

He expressed his thanks to Bob for keeping the local party going in recent years.  

To date we have been building the internal team via social gatherings, based around the 5 groups associated with the major towns in the constituency.  Membership has grown by 33% in the last month.  Social Media responses are encouraging also.  

Aside from Brexit – environment is the big issue.  This works well on Social Media in terms of likes.  Other key issues are Digitising Dorset and Affordable Housing. These 3 are the focus of campaigning, as our stance on Brexit is already well understood.

Now that the internal team is established, the next stage of the campaign is external.  30,000 postcards have been printed and are being delivered.  – Stake boards have been ordered and display sites are being identified.

Finally, there are a number of key events coming up:  Ed Davey (Deputy Leader) is speaking in Sturminster (The Exchange) on the subject of “Decarbonising Capitalism”  (2nd Nov., 6 pm)  Also a fund raising evening is planned for Marnhull, and on 15th Nov Martin Horwood is speaking at Gillingham Town Hall (1:30 – 3 pm).

9. Guest Speaker, Mick Clark, PPC for Yeovil  spoke on Lib Dems - Where are we now, how did we get here...where are we going.  Followed by Q&A session.

10. AOB   None


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